The Eurocard

Acorn Eurocards are sized to fit in a 3U high rack with a depth of 160mm i.e. 100 x 160mm and are drilled to accept a DIN41612 64-way AB right angle plug at the rear and brackets for a front panel.

For those making replica boards here is a drawing showing the dimensions of the board and positions of the mounting holes: The Eurocard

Here's another drawing showing the detail of the Front panel: 3U 5HP Front Panel

The Front Panel mounting brackets where originally black, unfortunately Verotec can now only supply them in green.  For those wanting to make accurate replicas the only other option is to print your own, here's an OpenSCAD design and the .stl file required for printing:

VeroBracket V2.2.scad

VeroBracket V2.2.stl