My System

I bought my Acorn System 1 back in the summer holidays of 1979 and over the next few years added boards and software from Acorn as well as many homebuilt boards until I had a very comprehensive System 2 computer. 

Acorn System 2

As a student I had the time to disassemble the Acorn COS (Cassette Operating System), BASIC and ADE (Assembler, Disassembler, Editor) and fortunately kept paper copies of the listings.  I also purchased all the Acorn manuals I could afford at the time which I still have.  I even produced my own 'Oracle Microsystems COS Extension' which I used to sell via ETI/Computing Today to supplement my student hobby.  Even so I couldn't afford proper front panels so cut them out of sheet aluminium and used curtain rail for the handles !

Around 1984 I moved onto a BBC B Computer and the System computer took a back seat eventually just collecting dust (lots of it).  By the late 80's I moved on to a PC and the Beeb also got forgotten about.

I recently dug out both machines, the Beeb still worked out of the box, the System computer needed a little more work (and cleaning) to get it back up and running. 

Extending the System 2 to become a System 3 was well out of my reach in the early 80's, the Acorn Floppy Disk kit alone cost £369, far more than a months wages so I have set myself the challenge of upgrading it to a System 3.

Looking around the web I found that a lot of the information I have doesn't seem to have been published so I set about setting up this website so that the information doesn't get lost.

Follow these links to see how the refurbishment and upgrade is progressing: