Other Acorn Software


"This is a 6K byte interpreter plus an initialised workspace for this famous list processing language. The interpreter requires an Acorn Operating System for handling keyboard and VDU."

Screen Editor

"This is a 2½K byte program for creating and editing plain text with an integral justifier which is available in a micro-space version for Daisy Wheel printers."


"The Acorn implementation of Pascal is designed to provide a fast and powerful alternative to Basic on all our systems. Pascal is a modern programming language which allows and encourages the use of structured programming methods which in turn allow programs to be developed and in particular maintained much more efficiently than is possible with older languages.

The Acorn Pascal system includes, in addition to the compiler, an editor which also acts as the user interface to the other programs in the system, an interpreter for the compiler generated intermediate code, and an in-line assembler for programming critical or "close-to-the-machine" routines.

The compilers in current systems are restricted to a subset of standard Pascal so that the whole system can be resident in memory for fastest program development, but the subset includes all the most used features of the language, the main items sacrificed being the most advanced data structures. Extensions are included to provide full access to graphics and operating system facilities.

Versions of the system are available for both disk and ROM.

Summary of specification


The Pascal subset supported includes:

·         integer (16 bit), character, boolean, and floating point (40 bit) data types

·         all the executable statements of standard Pascal

·         procedures and functions with parameters and local variables

·         arithmetic, logical and relational operators

·         library functions and procedures

·         arrays and text files

·         in-line mnemonic assembler

·         built-in graphics and interface to the operating system


"Commands include:

·         forward and backward search

·         delete, insert and modify lines

·         save and load text and object code

·         compile text and execute object code"

"Software is also available from Acorn for interfacing the following devices:

1.       Serial terminals e.g. 20mA Teletypes and RS232C devices

2.       Modems and in particular the GPO Prestel system

3.       PROM programmer for fusible link and UV erasable devices

4.       Daisy Wheel printers i.e. RP1600"