Acorn System Refurbishment (the start)

The start and after a good cleaning:

Boards fitted from left to right:

Cassette Interface hand wired as original Acorn design
  6502 Microcomputer original Acorn board
  40x25 VDU (Teletext) Interface original Acorn board
  UHF Modulator hand wired
  8K RAM/8K ROM Board original Acorn board
  12K ROM board hand wired, my design for 6 x 2716 EPROMs
  I/O Card hand wired, my design - 8255
  PIA Board  hand wired, my design - 2 x 6821
  PROM Programmer similar to Acorn PROM Programmer Board
  Serial Interface hand wired, my design using 2 x 6850
  Extension Board Veroboard
  Dual 10-bit ADC hand wired, my design using 2 x AD570
  Quad 10-bit DAC hand wired, my design using 4 x AD561
  PROM Programmer hand wired, my design
  CU INDIO Control Universal 6522 card

and in front: 

  8K RAM/8K ROM Board original Acorn board
  Keyboard/Display/Cassette Interface original Acorn board
  32K Dynamic RAM Board original Acorn board


The 6502 Microcomputer Board was a 2nd board bought around 1980 (from Watford Electronics for a fiver !), unfortunately I've misplaced the original  6502 Board that was part of the System 1, I'm hoping it turns up sometime.


all fitted in an original Acorn System 2 Vero Card Frame with 14-slot Backplane 

The keyboard was built from an ex-data entry keyboard, it uses an AY-5-2376 rather than the AY-3-4592 used in the Acorn ASCII Keyboard, perhaps I couldn't get hold of a 4592 at the time ?  The trouble with the 2376 is that it needs -12V.  I plan to build a new keyboard using the 'proper' 4592 and a spare BBC keyboard.


New Double Height Rack